19 going on 90?

A teenager in Arkansas is living her best life after into a , and reminding others that home is what you make it.

Madison Kohout recently relocated from Oklahoma to the Natural State, and has regaled TikTok with the surprising story of how she wound up in an apartment complex for senior citizens, reports.

this is not even a joke LMAO

The 19-year-old nursing assistant told she moved into the new digs, sight unseen, and felt lucky to find a two-bedroom space for $350 a month. Upon arrival, however, she realized her new bachelorette pad was one of 10 units in a small senior complex, in a now-viral TikTok viewed over three million times.

“This could be a sitcom,” one user joked.

Reply to @2020broughtmehere I am a bit dramatic LOL but in all honesty I am SO blessed, I really do love it here

“Find your Golden Girls!” another urged.

Many grilled the teen on how she was approved for the community in the first place, for which she offered a simple explanation.

“They are equal opportunity housing, meaning they do not discriminate based on age. However, it is designed for senior citizens, as that is the primary age group residing here,” Kohout told Newsweek of her new home. “I am the only teenager in sight.”


Despite the surprise, the teen said that all has been well since moving in.

“It has definitely been fun getting to have extra sets of grandparents. I plan on staying for quite a while!” she said. “I absolutely love my neighbors.”

In a follow-up clip, the TikToker shared more about daily life so far at the “old folks’ home.” Kohout said that blasting music “because some of them can’t hear,” catching up on local gossip and being surrounded by such caring people have made the new house feel like a home.